Procedures / Protocols for

Scarborough Baseball Associationís Midget / Bantam Interlock Loops


This outline is designed to answer any questions coaches may have about the interlock loops. Rules will be distributed separately.


Behaviour / Decorum:


Remember, this is a recreational league. Try to build up a rapport with opposing coaches in your division and work together to ensure the interlock games are compelling, fair and fun for all involved.


Abusive behaviour by coaches and players will not be tolerated. If youíre uncertain about any rules or procedures, ask the umpires.


The SBA strongly urges coaches to provide fair playing time for all their players.


Remember, there may be some weaker teams. If your team takes a big lead (eg.10 runs midway in the game), follow traditional baseball etiquette: donít run up the score by continuing to bunt or steal. Donít taunt the opposition.


Players must be properly attired. Shirts must be tucked in and hats worn with the bill forward. Shorts are not allowed for coaches or players. An exception will be allowed for a parent filling in for a coach at the last minute but notifies the opposing team and umpires. Coaches should be in uniform, if supplied by their league. Let your opposition and the umpires know beforehand if that is not the case. At the very least, coaches MUST wear a team cap when on the field: it identifies them as a coach.


Be ready to start play at the scheduled time. Coaches should meet with the umpires at home plate about five minutes before game time to pay the umpires, supply game balls (one from each team) and review ground rules.


Field Procedures:


The home team is responsible for setting up and putting away bases, supplied in the metal base box at each park (please see your League President to receive your teamís key to the boxes). In bantam interlock, the home team is also responsible for installing and putting away the tap down rubber (at 55 feet).


Infield warm-ups: The visiting team should do their infield warm-up first and allow the home team to take the field 10 to 15 minutes prior to game start times. Use your discretion and be fair about infield warm-ups; donít let them drag on and interfere with the start of the game. Also keep in mind for 8:50 games, there may only be 20 minutes available, as 6:30 games sometimes donít end until 8:30 p.m.



Home team always takes the third base dugout. Always remind your players to clean out the dugout before you leave, there should be no garbage lying around. Also if your game is scheduled at 6:30 p.m., clear out quickly at the end of the game so teams scheduled for the 8:50 p.m. game can set up.



Coaches will be notified by phone if games are cancelled in a timely fashion. Our rule of thumb is to determine conditions as of 4:30 pm that day for the 6:30 pm, or 7 pm for the 8:50 pm games. If you do not get a call assume the game is on.


Reporting Game Results:

Please report your scores (whether you won or not) by text or email. Note the date, age group, park, teams and score. This information can be forwarded to Interlock Convener, Kevin Sheehy Ė text 647-706-9242 or email to PLEASE SEND SCORES by weekís end.


Score Sheets:

The official score sheet will be that of the home team. If the visiting team is also keeping score, itís advisable both scorers confer after each half inning to make sure they have the same results. If there are any disagreements, bring it to the umpiresí attention before play resumes so it can be resolved. If the umpiresí cannot resolve the discrepancy, remember the home team score sheet results stand, as it is the official score sheet. Please hold on to these in case there are any discrepancies in the scores.



Will be available on the SBA website,



If a team is short the minimum eight players, it has a 15-minute grace period from the scheduled start time, before a default is declared. Note that time will not be added to the game, however. This is in effect for both the early and the late games scheduled.



Each team pays one umpire. IF A TEAM DEFAULTS, IT MUST PAY BOTH UMPIRES. Fees are $45 per umpire.


NOTE: Show-up fee: should bad weather roll in, the teams have up until 5 minutes to game time to decide if the game should be cancelled. The umpires are then paid $20 each for a Ďshow upí fee. After that point, full fees must be paid.



Interlock Convenor:


Kevin Sheehy††††††††††††† 647-706-9242†††