Bantam: Maximum age, 15 years old as of Dec. 31st of that playing year.

Midget: Maximum age 18 years old as of Dec. 31st of that playing year.  (Midget teams are also allowed to carry a maximum of five (5)  ‘overage’ players, limited to players 19 years old as of Dec. 31st of that playing year.)



MIDGET: Pitching rubber is 60 feet, six inches from the plate; bases are 90 feet apart.

BANTAM: Pitching rubber is 55 feet from the plate; bases are 90 feet apart. 

(A ‘tap-down’ pitching rubber will be supplied to each team, must be installed by the home team and removed after the game.)


Regular baseball rules apply except for the following:


1)     All players in attendance bat in rotation. A team must field a minimum of EIGHT players. Latecomers must be added to the bottom of the batting order. A player’s name cannot be listed on the batting order until he arrives at the park.

NOTE:  If a team only has eight players, the vacant 9th SPOT IN THE BATTING ORDER WILL BE AN AUTOMATIC OUT. If a 9th player arrives later in the game, that automatic out no longer will be in effect.


NOTE: If a player must leave the game for any reason, his spot in the batting order will simply be skipped for the remainder of the game with no penalty to his club, unless it then leaves the team short the required minimum of eight players, therefore resulting in a default. If a player must leave the game and therefore leaves the team with only eight players, his now vacated spot in the batting order will be an automatic out.


2)     Free defensive substitutions.

3)     Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, he may not return as a pitcher in that game, but may play any other position. (Pitchers must be replaced if a coach or manager makes a second visit to the mound in one inning.)

4)     Pitching Limits for Bantam is 3 innings and Midget is 4 innings.

5)     Game lengths: 7 innings or no new inning may be started after 1 hour 45 minutes from scheduled game start, game over at two-hour mark.  (Exceptions may be made by the SBA during playoffs).


6)     OBA Contact rule is in effect. Please see for clarification if needed.


7)     Mercy Rule: if the home team is leading after 4 ½ innings by 10 runs, or the visiting team is leading by 10 runs after  5 complete innings, game is over.

Each club must supply a new baseball and pay one umpire (2 umpires scheduled per game). Umpire fees are $45 per umpire. Please remember to bring $90 to every game in case of a forfeit. If a team defaults its game then it is responsible to pay for BOTH umpires. The umpires will officiate an exhibition game provided there is a minimum of 16 players combined from both teams.

8)     Home team is responsible for setting up the field: Install or set bases and put bases away following the game.  For Bantams, a temporary pitching rubber must be installed at 55 ft and removed after the game.

9)     Home team is responsible for providing the official scorekeeper. The home team’s game sheet is the official game sheet and must be retained in case of protest or later verification requirements.

10) Game results must be reported by BOTH teams.  The home team is responsible to maintain a copy of the official game sheet. Please remit game results to the Interlock Convener by week’s end.

11)  Players may not wear any exposed jewelry, exception made for medical alert  bracelets.

12)  In Bantam there is a 5 run inning mercy for the first 3 innings after which all remaining innings will be unlimited.

13)   METAL CLEATS ARE NOT ALLOWED FOR EITHER BANTAM OR MIDGET PLAYERS. Helmet chin straps are optional for either age group. DOUBLE FLAP batting helmets are mandatory.

 14) Aluminum bats are allowed in bantam. In midget. only wood or wood composite bats

may be used.


EJECTIONS:  Any player or coach ejected in a game is automatically suspended from participating in that club’s next scheduled game, if the team’s next game is rained out, the ejected person must sit out the next game. There are no appeals to this mandatory suspension on an ejection.




Midget: if short the required minimum of eight players, can call up players from bantam house league teams within their own league.

Bantam: if short the required minimum of eight players, can call up players from peewee house league teams within their own league.


NOTE: Interlock teams are NOT allowed to call up players carded with rep teams. (This does not apply to select players)


RAIN-OUTS:   Game cancellations will be done in a timely fashion, coaches will be contacted by text or phone call. If you do not hear otherwise, assume games are a go. Also updates will be noted on SBA Twitter feed and SBA website when possible.